5 Benefits of Penis Whitening

5 Benefits of Penis Whitening

Penis Whitening

Have you heard of genitals whitening? Welcome to penis whitening.  Don’t be awestruck, but it’s actually nothing new in today’s aesthetics and beauty world. Shhh, perhaps one or some of your male buddies have had it!

Surveys have revealed that penis whitening is gaining popularity among men in their 20s to 50s. Let’s find out the benefits of whitening the penis, and here are five of them!


Penis Whitening

What Is Penis Whitening?

A penis whitening procedure removes darker pigmented skin cells on our penis. Melanin is a brown pigment produced in the melanocytes in the skin. The brown pigment is the body’s natural protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Whereas, too much melanin (hyperpigmentation) can cause uneven skin tones and other skin disorders. So, there are folks who don’t want that.

Hush-hush aside! Nothing on Earth can stop aesthetic fans from beautifying or whitening their private parts, namely the penis, groins, inner thighs, anus, and buttocks skin. 


What I Should Do After the Treatment?

Why Is Penis Whitening So Popular?

Whitening the penis has a number of benefits. Aesthetically, a whiter penis is often seen as more attractive to a  partner. Due to this, it causes enhanced sexual desire and appetite.

In addition, the whitening process can also help remove any unwanted spots, patches, blemishes, or discoloration.

Overall, penis whitening is a simple and effective way to improve libido drive, sexual performance, and self-esteem.

Let’s check out how penis whitening or lightening can benefit you:

1. Flawless overall physical appearance

There are couples who fancy taking private photo shoots or video recording themselves in the nude. Thus, a whitened or lighter color penis will present a visually complete ideal package of one’s outer appearance.

penis whitening


2. A cleaner private part look

Your private part would appear more hygienic to your love partner or spouse. Especially for those who frequently indulge in oral sex, the laser-whitened penis can make a big difference by generating a better mood for good sex and improved orgasm.

penis whitening


3. Collagen production

The laser treatment also enhances collagen production in your groin area and improves skin laxity. It also decreases skin wrinkles and sagging around the treated area.


4. Feeling of elevated social status-quo

Some individuals opine or believe by having a fairer body part or skin, they’d belong to the elite or affluent group. A whiter penis provides that sense of honor and self-satisfaction


5. Feeling more seductive, or sexier

Some people may imagine being a perfect lover similar to those in adult films. Thus, this would enhance a couple’s sex experience and improve relationships, in and out of the bedroom.

Why Choose Penis Enlargement?

Choices Of Penis Whitening Methods

There are several treatments available, such as skin whitening cream products, injections, and laser treatments for the skin to whiten your penis area quickly and effectively. 

The purpose of each treatment method is to reduce excess accumulated melanin and return the natural tone as much as possible to your penile skin.


Glutathione and Hydroquinone (Whitening) creams. Glutathione (Whitening) injections

Fractional or ND:YAG laser treatment

Features Glutathione bleaching creams, whiteners, skin brighteners, or fading creams work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin.

To brighten the dark areas of skin, use hydroquinone cream. The way this medication works is by preventing the skin’s discoloration-causing process.

Glutathione injections work on melanin and turn eumelanin into pheomelanin.

Additionally, it halts the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme the body uses to produce melanin.

It’s a Fractional ND: YAG Laser treatment that emits a specific laser wavelength.

The energy from this laser treatment is absorbed by melanin in our skin.

This process effectively removes brown spots, birthmarks, etc.

Pros Both Glutathione and Hydroquinone creams give radiant, fairer skin – helps relaxes the muscle tissues.

Both Glutathione and Hydroquinone creams improve skin health – lessen hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tones.

Both Glutathione and Hydroquinone creams give radiant, fairer skin – helps relaxes the muscle tissues.

Both Glutathione and Hydroquinone creams improve skin health – lessen hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tones.

The laser also boosts your collagen production in the private area, which will improve your skin laxity. It reduces the wrinkles or saggy skin around the target area.
Cons There is little convincing evidence in favor of glutathione cream as a therapy for hyperpigmentation and at the present time, there are many unresolved controversies that surround its use.

Hydroquinone is a chemical that bleaches the skin.

These products are generally safe, but long-term use can cause issues, such as ochronosis – an uncommon disorder characterized by a clinical appearance of blue-black or gray-blue pigmentation.

Patients with darker skin tones, continued use, and higher therapy concentrations have experienced the highest incidence rates with  Hydroquinone.

There is minimal evidence in favor of glutathione injections as a therapy for hyperpigmentation and at the present time, there are many unresolved controversies that surround its use. For those who have darker skin, this treatment may not be the best for you.

Post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) usually occurs after a laser treatment. (You need to cover up your private area to prevent this.)

Genital Skin Whitening

Advanced Skin Whitening


Genital Skin Whitening

The Treatment Risks

Many off-the-shelf whitening or bleaching products aren’t safe for the delicate groin or penile skin. If the individual doing the injection doesn’t follow the proper precautions, there’s also a chance of infection and scarring.

If your heart is set on lightening the skin color of your penis, then go to a medical professional for a Fractional (ND:YAG laser treatment) rather than using products you find online or from retail outlets.


penis whitening

Wrapping Up

It is important to be comfortable in your own skin. Penis whitening can be done easily and at a reasonable cost.

Penis whitening is the latest trending fashion statement. You should go through and analyze both the benefits and negatives of this treatment.

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