Male Dick Enlargement: Do They Still Work?

Male Dick Enlargement: Do They Still Work?

Male Dick Enlargement: Do They Still Work?

Male dick enlargement or penis enhancement is a popular procedure. However, people aren’t fully aware of what it takes to get a bigger penis.

There are many different types of procedures available in the market or aesthetic clinic malaysia, but it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting the correct treatment.

But do they still work? This blog will provide information on how one safe, reliable, and effective procedure can help you get a bigger penis or bigger dick.


Why The Fuss About A Bigger Penis?

Why The Fuss About A Bigger Penis?

Most males believe that the larger the size of the penis is, the more satisfying the sexual intercourse can be. The reality is most ladies prefer their male companions to have thicker penes.

Many surveys highlighted that women want a thick penis. A thicker penis causes more pleasure because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the vagina walls.

Why The Fuss About A Bigger Penis?

A thick penis also enhances pleasure because it dilates the vagina and gives more pressure and friction. The fairer sex usually likes the feeling of being ‘open’ or the feeling of being filled by a thick penis. 

Here’s an evergreen question. Can penis size be increased? According to scientific research and evidence, we can’t increase penis length but can work on its girth ie. circumference, or thickness.


Types of Treatment Options

Types of Treatment Options

Major technological and medical breakthroughs are enabling the treatments to be less risky and more achievable than ever possible. Here are some common methods men use to enlarge their cock sizes:

penis enlargement Supplements, Creams & Ointments penis enlargement Supplements, Creams & Ointments

1. Supplements, Creams & Ointments

Many supplements, creams, ointments, and others advertised online and offline claim they’re effective to increase a man’s penis length and girth.

Below are some critical flipsides to what they’re supposed to be:

  • Certain Supplements With Viagra: They may contain traces of Viagra (sildenafil) or other medical drugs hazardous to those with heart ailments.

  • Other Types Of Supplements: L-citrulline or L-arginine also fails to prove that consumption can augment penis size.

  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Lotions, Creams, and Oils: These makers claim they can increase penis size but often contain hormones and vasodilating medications. The ugly truth is some of these ingredients may even cause skin irritation or allergy. Basically, there is no clinical evidence to substantiate these products can work, despite their promising claims.


Penile Clamps and RingsPenile Clamps and Rings

Penile Clamps and Rings

2. Penile Clamps and Rings

These gadgets wrap around the penis shaft and provide a gentle squeezing pressure to ‘stretch out’ the penis. You can use it during an erection, while others are used while the penis is flaccid.

Here’s the spoiler. There’s no scientific evidence to show it works to enlarge the cock. In fact, it can cut off the blood flow, causing bruising, hematomas, and nerve damage.


penis enlargement Supplements, Creams & OintmentsPenis Pumps Penis Pumps

3. Penis Pumps

Users of this device place a tube over the penis. Then, the user pumps the air out with a hand pump to create a vacuum. The concept is simple. The vacuum created will draw blood into the penis and make it swell.

Couples often use it during sexual foreplay. The advantage is that it’s a short-term solution for those suffering from male impotency. However, it isn’t a permanent answer to penis enlargement or dick enlargement.

Under prolonged and long-term use, these pumps can cause the penis skin to become ‘spongy’ and have a thicker appearance.

On the contrary, here are some red flags you may want to note. If the suction is too strong or the device is worn for too long, the vacuum pump may injure the penis.

As a result, urethra bleeding and bruising can happen as highly delicate and sensitive veins in the penis are ruptured. This problem can decrease penis sensitivity and prevent erections.


Penis Enlargement Filler Injection 

4. What Is A Penis Filler?

For many people, going through a dick enlargement surgery would be the last option if it’s possible. Some people also desire the injection of natural and synthetic fillers to make their penis bigger.

There’s good news. The safest way to increase the girth and glans of the penis is by using an aqua filler. This procedure has rare adverse effects because it’s minimally invasive.

The penis filler is much similar to face fillers. Before the procedure begins, a doctor will apply a local anesthetic (numbing cream) onto the treated area.

Then the doctor will inject hyaluronic acid into the penis shaft and glans to increase the penis’s volume. It takes a high level of skill to inject hyaluronic acid evenly, so the patient is in safe hands. Each session takes about 30 minutes to complete.

However, this isn’t a lasting solution. It’s because the penile tissues absorb the filler only over a period of time, around 6 to 12 months. Nevertheless, a patient can repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

Proven Methods Of Penis Enlargement In Malaysia enlargement treatment


Key Takeaways

Changing the girth of your penis requires changing your anatomy and not pills. Creams, devices, etc. might help you achieve this, but worst still, they can harm you. Give your penis enlargement or dick enlargement a shot if you want to bump up your size.

The penis filler is a safer, simple, temporary, and non-invasive way to increase the size of your penis.

You can get the procedure done correctly at Premier4Him. We are the expert (and pioneer) in the aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. In fact, penis enlargement is one of our signature treatments offered.

With our expert male doctors, you can bare it all for them! You can discuss your concerns personally without any prejudice or judgment. We also have a strict doctor-patient confidentiality policy to protect you.

This dick enlargement treatment is available at all our branches which are Bangsar, KL City, TTDI, and Mont Kiara branch. Visit us now or call us to make an appointment:

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