Hair Growth Stimulation (Hair PRP)
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Hair is a symbol of power, good health and freedom for men. Hair also represents your personality, masculinity and physical appearance. Its play a huge part in men who are a concern or caring about their appearance. 

Nowadays, people are more concern about their hairstyle compared to their hair health. They dream of having goods, strong-look healthy hair, silky and well-groomed without really put much effort into it. However, the hair care routine doesn’t just stop by having shampoo or conditioner, you need to have a healthy diet as well as proper care of your scalp from inside. 


Hair PRP is an advanced technique for hair loss that promotes healing. It is a three-step medical procedure which involves blood extraction, processed and reinjection of platelets into your scalp. The treatment doesn’t offer instant relief of pain or hair regrowth. However, it gradually triggers cell proliferation, speed healing and generates healthy tissue in your body. 

Moreover, the use of hair PRP really helps in reverse miniaturisation. The concentrated number of platelets found in normal circulating blood will stimulate the growth of follicles thereby prevent thinning hair and common baldness from happening or worsen. 


Hair PRP treatments work the same as other types of PRP treatment. It starts with taking out the blood sample from the patients before treated it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, water and other blood components. The concentrated number of platelets that extracted out from the blood which release essential growth proteins will be injected back into the targeted areas. 

Your body, tissue and scalp will respond to the perceived damage whilst triggering the healing process. The platelet will rouse inactive hair follicles and stimulate new hair cells as well as newly implanted hair follicles. 

prp treatment malaysia
Hair PRP


The major benefits of hair PRP are you can dramatically show a visible increase in hair growth. The protein and growth factors contained inside the PRP will help in stimulating the production of new hair cells.

Other benefits of hair PRP due to its medical advantages including:

  • Strengthening a poor donor  and non-transplanted area
  • Increase transplanted graft yield rate
  • Heal wound from the donor and recipient area of FUE treatment
  • Reduce graft transaction rate
  • Improve hair density
  • Improve your appearance
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Stimulate better blood circulation on your scalp
  • Improve hair caliber
Hair PRP


You may expect mild pain at the injection site and itching feeling right after the procedure. However, it will subside within 2 to 3 hours. You may apply an ice pack to reduce any swelling or pain at the injection site. It is recommended to not use any hair products or chemicals for at least 4 to 6 hours after your treatment. Patients are also advised to avoid any physical activities like gym, swimming as well as saunas for at least 48 hours. 


As injecting PRP treatment involves using your own blood platelets, there are minimal to no adverse reactions to the injections. However, you may experience mild scalp tenderness, swelling and maybe a headache. 


There is no downtime related to this hair PRP treatment. You may continue and resume your regular activities immediately after receiving hair PRP for hair loss.  Furthermore, the treatment can be done during lunch hour time visit where it only takes about 30 to 45 minutes of procedure time. 


Hair PRP Before After
Hair PRP Before After
Hair PRP Before After
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Who is the ideal candidate for hair PRP treatment?

Hair PRP treatment is suitable for men who are having chronic and acute hair loss problems. Chronic hair loss problems is a condition where you have male pattern baldness that commonly occurs in the area of scalp due to hormone level change. While for acute hair loss problem it usually occurs gradually with aging and predictable patterns. You scalp area may appear like a receding hairline or bald spots.

How long do the benefits of hair PRP treatments last?

Based on the published report and recent studies from the experts, PRP treatment tends to accelerate the growth of transplanted hair roots while thickening the existing hair. It seems to improve the hair growth for about four to six weeks, which require getting monthly PRP treatments for at least 4 months.

Is Hair PRP safe?

Yes, PRP is a treatment we extract protein and hair growth from your blood. It is a revolutionary way to stimulate and restore your hair growth. It is also one of the best cosmetic hair growth options offer nowadays. As it extracts out from your own blood, no foreign substances will be injected into your scalp and also no risk of an allergic reaction.


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Hair PRP

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