Are Things Getting Old & Boring In Bed? Here’s Top 8 New Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Are Things Getting Old & Boring In Bed? Here’s Top 8 New Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Missionary, spooning, doggy, 69 – sex positions that we all know are pretty straightforward. Think of every movie with a sex scene – Missionary is there, well, almost always.

BUT, why resort to the same old same old this weekend when you could try some new sex positions instead? 

With that, let’s spice it up, baby, with the top 8 new sex positions that can make a huge pleasure difference and are guaranteed to make your partner scream “HARDER, MORE!” Position #7 might just surprise you!


Great for couples who get turned on by visuals. Make your partner lie down on her back and with you grabbing her legs, holding them out wide in a V-shaped position while kneeling and thrusting. Known as the ‘victory’ position, it facilitates deep penetration, ideal for G-spot stimulation, leading to potential orgasm for both partners.



Experience the passion of a dance-inspired with this intimate position. Make your partner lie on her back, extending one leg straight while bending the other. You will lie on your side, with one hand supporting her head and other on her thigh. Your left leg aligns with hers, while your right leg fits in between her lifted leg. 


This position allows for more power in the thrusting, intensifying sensation, all with the pleasure of unobstructed sightlines. Position your partner on her back with hips at the edge of the bed or dining room table for a sense of spontaneity, while you will stand at the end of the bed – with her legs straight in the air, legs pressed together as if mimicking the tail of a mermaid – as you insert your penis. 


This standing sex position incorporates a barstool or an equivalent piece of furniture. Let your partner sit on the back edge of the stool and lean forward toward a counter or table so she can grip the edges for support, while you stand directly behind so you can penetrate with easy access to the vulva or anus.


How can you resist such a temptation?! This tempting position involves you lying on your back, legs apart, while your partner, facing you, sits on your penis with legs wide open while putting her hands between your legs that serves as the main support. You will hold her just above your knees. 


Your partner will go down on all four limbs, palms are completely straight for support, her buttocks lifted up, and legs on the toes and slightly apart to the sides. You will stand behind your partner with legs wide apart so that her legs are between your legs, but straight. You will hold your partner over the waist and penetrate into her.


Surprise! This is a position that you might not even know exists! Performed on the floor, this position allows the couple to move around a lot – hence its name! It calls for a fair amount of physical strength and flexibility on both your part – see how she’s holding up her body with her hands? 

Make your partner kneel with her back towards you, bending forward and resting her hands on the floor. Then, gently lift and hold her legs while penetrating from the rear. This is a position that you will feel so good about as it allows for deeper penetration.


Teaspoon provides an equally good opportunity for deep penetration — but with a bit more connection because your bodies and faces will remain close. Your partner will kneel on the bed or ground and have you enter her from behind and touch and stimulate her from the front while you remain upright.

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Trying out new and exciting sex positions not only help to improve the marriage or relationship between you and your partner, but new sex positions can also give partners an opportunity for adventure and play, which can alone heighten pleasure and intimacy in the relationship.

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