Our Services


Penis Enlargement
(Penis Filler)

A revolutionary solution involving fillers for men who looking for a safe & effective boost for their penis size.

Penis Enhancement
(Penis PRP)

Boost your performance on bed with only 1 injection using blood-infused healing properties.

Scrotum Smoothener
(Botox for Scrotum)

Beautiful way to smooth out the lines on your scrotum, making more plump & bigger.

Genital Skin Whitening
(Whitening Laser)

Laser off darkened skin cells using laser. Safe, proven and effective with high success rate.

Erection Booster
(Caverject Injection)

Caverject injection widens blood capillaries for stronger, longer erection.

Performance Enhancer (Stem Cells Treatment)

Promising Therapy that improves sexual function &  revives your sex life to its fullest possible.

ZSR (Sutureless Circumcision)

Modern techniques that offers safer, stitchless, faster option for circumcision. 


PrEP (HIV Prevention Pills)

An additional tool to prevent HIV virus from taking hold and spreading throughout your body system.

PEP (Anti-HIV Infection Tablets)

Anti-HIV medication that helps to prevent any possible transmission after been exposed.


Hair Loss Prevention
(Exosome Therapy)

Promotes hair growth by improving follicle health and circulation while reducing inflammation.

Hair Transplant
(FUE Hair Transplant)

Minimally invasive method involving transplanting hair from your donor area to bald area.

Hair Reversal Solution
(Hair Stem Cell)

Reversing hair loss with stem cell injection. It strengthens and boosts the production of baby hair.

Facial Hair Restore
(Beard Transplant)

One of the most-sought aesthetic treatments for a more 'masculine' appearance.


Hair Growth Booster
(Hair Filler)

Injection of active peptides to promote blood circulation on scalp and increase the size of hair follicles.

Hair Vitamin
(Hair Mesotherapy)

Injection of vitamins, amino acids and minerals to encourage the growth of new hair.

Hair Growth Stimulation
(Hair PRP)

Rejuvenate your scalp with nutrients using only the healing properties of your own blood.

Hair Follicles Stimulator
(Hair Growth Laser)

Low-Light Laser Therapy to strengthen hair follicles and encourage baby hair growth.

Hair Follicles Enhancer
(Scalp Micropigmentation)

Replicates the look of hair follicles by applying small dots of pigment directly onto the scalp.

Hair Follicles Revitalizer (FRF Micro-needling)

A viable option for accelerating your hair regrowth & strengthen hair follicles.