Pro And Cons Of Adult Male Circumcision: Benefits, Treatments & Recovery

Pro And Cons Of Adult Male Circumcision: Benefits, Treatments & Recovery

Adult Male Circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the male foreskin. Men may seek circumcision for several reasons, including improved hygiene, sensation, functionality, and cosmetic enhancement. 

Let’s start analysing circumcision pros and cons so you can understand the risks and benefits of circumcision which can then help you make an informed decision about your circumcision.

Adult Male Circumcision

The Pros & Cons of Circumcision

Regardless of the reasons behind your decision to undergo a circumcision procedure, it is important to consider every angle of the process. 


  • Medical reasons

The penis is one of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. When it experiences discomfort, the pain can be excruciating and embarrassing. 

One common indication for a circumcision would be the treatment of recurrent infections of the foreskin and glans penis, also known as balanoposthitis, or simply, balanitis. In patients with recurrent balanitis, the removal of the foreskin helps the patient keep the head of penis clean and dry, thus reducing the probability of the infection.

Another common medical reason for a circumcision is to treat tight foreskin, a condition also known as phimosis. Patients with phimosis are unable to retract the foreskin behind the glans penis due to tightness of the skin. Circumcision can alleviate inflammation and prevent future flare-ups. 

Urinary tract infections

  • STDs and HIV prevention

Another benefit of circumcision is its ability to reduce the risk of the sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and are less likely to contract and transmit HIV. Circumcised men are less likely to contract and transmit STDs such as herpes and HPV (human papillovirus). As such, circumcision can not only protect the man who receives the procedure, but also his sexual partners. 

Urinary tract infections

  • Tip of the penis cancer prevention

Tip of the penis cancer occurs in about one in six hundred circumcised men. As such, circumcision helps to prevent penile cancer.

  • Preventing UTI 

Circumcision removes the intact foreskin that can harbour more dirt, increasing the likelihood of urinary tract infections. After circumcision, you should be able to clean all parts with ease and remove dirt under the foreskin. 

Although the pros of male adult circumcision may outweigh the cons, each case is different and requires independent decision-making. 

While circumcision has its upsides, It is important however, to note that there are downsides to a circumcision.


Adult Male Circumcision



  • Pain and emotion

The most obvious is pain and emotional adjustment post-operative. Circumcised males of all ages will feel pain, however short-lived. 

Other concerns of circumcision would be the risks of the surgery itself: bleeding, infection, wound breakdown (more so for diabetics), scarring and unsatisfactory cosmesis (i.e. cosmetic improvements).

causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Costs

There is also the cost of surgery and follow-ups. If your medical insurance doesn’t cover circumcision, you will spend out of pocket. It could be as low as a few hundreds to as high as a few thousands, depending on the technique chosen.


benefits of ZSR Circumcision

Methods of Adults Male Circumcision

  • Open surgery, conventional/traditional method – a procedure of removing the foreskin with a scalpel 
  • Stapler method (ZSR Circumcision)Using a stapler-like device, this method cuts and place a silicon ring on the wound, which will drop in a few days
  • Laser method – a surgical procedure that removes the excess foreskin from the head of the penis with the help of a high-intensity laser beam
  • Medical device-assisted method – such as clamp or ring devices. 


A short table of comparison between Stapler (ZSR) Circumcision and Laser Circumcision

Method Stapler (ZSR) Circumcision

Laser Circumcision

Laser Circumcision

  • Efficient & safest method
  • Non-stitching
  • No bleeding and scarring
  • Clean cut
  • Done by a professional doctor, so no major complications
  • Commonest method
  • No device wearing
  • No bleeding and scarring
  • Cheaper comparatively
  • Easier to treat complication
  • High cost
  • Only can be done by experienced doctor
  • Slower healing
  • Higher chances for complication comparatively



A short table of comparison to summarise these 3 techniques of circumcision recovery rate

Method Time to complete the procedure Pain during and after circumcision Complexity of procedure Complications and side-effects of circumcision
Laser Circumcision 20-30 minutes Painless surgery and only mild discomfort while recovering Precise and simple procedure with high success rate Nil
Stapler (ZSR) Circumcision 20-30 minutes Painless procedure and minimal discomforts after the treatment High precision, simple procedure with high success rate Nil
Open Circumcision

Open Circumcision

45-60 minutes Painless and causes no major discomforts Quite complex and invasive in nature High chances


ZSR Circumcision

In all, circumcision in adult male should be a pleasant and smooth experience for everyone. 

With so many clinics providing circumcision, and so many different treatment options available in Malaysia,  how do you make the right choice?

Circumcision surgeries aren’t as complicated as others, but you should still talk to your doctor to assess the risks. The wisest choice is to go for the stapler treatment that is the least invasive. You do not have to worry much as only the skilled and experienced doctors at Premier Clinic perform this procedure.

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