The Effectiveness of Hair Implants vs Hair Planting in Malaysia – Is it Safe?

The Effectiveness of Hair Implants vs Hair Planting in Malaysia – Is it Safe?

hair implants vs hair planting

Hair Planting and Implants: Is It Safe in Malaysia? 

Hair loss treatment for men is one of the most common worries in adult men, holding many people on the leash to find a safe and effective solution. In Malaysia, where the aesthetic industry is rapidly growing, getting hair alterations for both men and women is the answer.

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How Does Hair Planting Work?

Hair planting in Malaysia is a hair transplantation procedure where hair follicles are moved from a body part called the ‘donor site’ to a bald or balding body part referred to as the ‘recipient site.’ The most common types are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants since they are well practised locally and internationally. The effectiveness of hair implants in Malaysia is high. The use of advanced medical technologies and the skillset of the surgeon ensures that the end result is not only aesthetic but also natural-looking. 


What about Hair Implants?

Similar to hair planting, hair implants aim to solve balding or hair loss issues. The procedure is identical however, the biggest difference is that hair implants use synthetic hair instead of real hair follicles from the recipient’s body. Synthetic hair is made from polyamide fibre or bio fibres, which are approved by the FDA to be safe and tolerated by many patients. Nevertheless, patients often opt for FUE hair transplants due to their ability to deliver results that appear more natural compared to hair implants.


Effectiveness of Hair Implant vs Hair Planting in Malaysia

When it comes to the effectiveness of hair implant in KL and throughout Malaysia, the success rate is encouragingly high. Advances in medical technologies and the expertise of surgeons ensure that outcomes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also natural-looking. They are often less expensive in comparison with hair planting and they may not look or feel as natural as real hair. On top of that, there can be risks of complications such as infection or rejection of the synthetic material.

Patients who have undergone hair planting in Malaysia however, report significant improvements in the density of their hair, which, in turn, boosts their self-confidence and overall satisfaction with life. This procedure typically provides more natural-looking and long-lasting results compared to synthetic hair implants. The transplanted hair continues to grow naturally, and once the transplanted follicles take root, they are generally permanent.

The downside is however the cost of hair planting can go from RM5,000 to upwards of RM20,000 in Malaysia, which can be very discouraging.

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Hair Implants: Side Effects and Recovery

As with any medical procedure, hair implants come with the potential side effects, which are generally minimal and manageable. The most common include:

  • Temporary thinning of pre-existing hair
  • Itching
  • Mild swelling at forehead or transplant site
  • Infections (rare)

Safety Precautions To Take After Surgery:

Since Hair implants are synthetic, it is important to know that you take care of your scalp from various infections. Here are the steps that you should embody in your daily life after surgery.


Sleeping Posture

Is it also wise to take measures in changing your sleeping position. Such that sleeping upright at a 45 degree angle while wearing hand bands can significantly reduce swelling or discomfort. 


Healthier Diet

It is also recommended to change to a cleaner diet by avoiding drinking or smoking for at least a week after the surgery. On top of that, for spicy food lovers, refrain from eating them while increasing the intake of Vitamin C.


Head Attire

It is advised to wear hats when you are outside to protect your head from sunlight. While indoors, you can take off your hat, however be mindful of the action of rubbing your head as it may cause the new sensitive hairs to fall. 

Recovery from hair implants is relatively quick, with most patients resuming normal activities within a week. 


hair transplation before and after

Stay Organic – Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Malaysia

If you are more leaning towards getting organic hair planting instead, selecting the best clinic for a hair transplant in KL or anywhere in Malaysia requires thorough research. Consider factors such as the clinic’s certification, the surgeon’s experience, and patient testimonials. A reputable clinic such as Premier4Him should offer a comprehensive consultation to discuss your expectations, potential results, and any concerns you might have.

Visiting clinics and consulting doctors in person can give you insight into their operations and the technology they use. Here at Premier4Him we provide free appointment consultation for those that are still on the fence for hair treatment services. Additionally, comparing hair loss KL treatment options and prices can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.

To conclude, hair planting in Malaysia offers a safe and effective solution for those struggling with hair loss, with the procedure’s success largely dependent on the chosen clinic and surgeon. Whether it’s synthetic hair implants or natural hair planting, conducting careful research and selecting the right surgeons, you can achieve natural-looking results that restore not only their hair but also confidence.

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