Our Doctors – Dr Nigel Ong




Dr Nigel Ong is one of our senior doctors based in KL City branch. Preferred to be known as only Dr Nigel, he is an expert in body sculpting, men’s sexual health performance procedures and anti-aging solutions. Dr Nigel is also an expert in injectables (fillers and botulinum toxins). 

Dr Nigel is a certified trainer for CoolSculpting, a fat-freezing procedures. He has helped many patients achieving their body goals, and taught many doctors the correct ways to deal with the treatment. 

He is also a very experienced sexual-performance enhancing doctor. He is qualified and trained to performed penis enlargement procedures, P-shot, vagina-tightening laser and O-shot. These are among procedures highly requested among his patients in KL City branch. 

Dr Nigel’s personality is very friendly, approachable and exuberant. He is loved dearly by his patients based on reviews online and customer feedback. In fact, Dr Nigel’s customer satisfaction rate is one of the highest in the Premier Clinic. This also contributed to the high number of referral patients referred by the patients who are happy with the result. 


Dr Nigel attended First Moscow State Medical University in Russia to attain his Medical Degree. Here, he is trained to perform general and genital health including STD treatments. It also exposed Dr Nigel to different kinds of facial surgeries such as excision, skin grafting and wound care management. 

After graduated and served in the public service for couple of years (namely Ampang Hospital, Ipoh Hospital and Serdang Hospital), he continued his study in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and earned his official certificate. As an aesthetic practitioner, he is a certified doctor for many major treatments such as CoolSculpting, facial augmentation and men’s sexual performance booster. 

Dr Nigel joined Premier Clinic in 2017. In a summary, Dr Nigel’s experience in medicinal practices including aesthetic expands over 9 years.  Being in different faculties, it gave him different perspicacity of patient’s needs and befitting treatments.

Dr Nigel recently underwent his LCP journey from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to receive his acknowledgement from the body.

As part of Premier Clinic doctors, Dr Nigel undergo continuous learning process by attending seminars and workshops available to widen his scope of proficiency.


Dr Nigel is actively engaging in several medical associations to expand his network, knowledge and experience among medical practitioners. He is currently a member of Malaysia Medical Association (MMA), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), SAAARMM Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Malaysia, and MSAM Malaysia Society of Aesthetic Medicine. He also frequently invited as a guest of an international conference in the aesthetic medical area. 

He is also an active member of MPCN – Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia.


Dr Nigel really appreciates travelling experience from his journey where he assimilates himself into the culture of the place. For him, the true traveller is the one who urges to move about physical, aesthetic, intellectual as well as spiritual reasons. 

Aside from being a traveller, Dr Nigel is also a music lover. He enjoys listening to various type of music as well as playing guitar and ukulele during his leisure time. For him, music is like an international multi-versed language that everyone loves. It helps him and others express their inner thought and feeling through music notes and sound even without saying a word. 

In order for him to look appropriate and confidence in front of others, Dr Nigel believes that workout can help him stay in shape and being healthy. “I love workout and gym. Workout not only for the sake of health but also to look CONFIDENCE. Age does not mean anything to me, it is just a number.” he casually let it out the words. Human will judge others by seeing their first impressions. Both internal and external look is VERY important. 

Despite his passion and interest in modern medication, Dr Nigel is also a spiritual person. For him, religion is a basis of true virtue and it propels people to be a better person everyday. Every day is an opportunity to learn for Dr Nigel.