Proven Methods Of Penis Enlargement In Malaysia

Proven Methods Of Penis Enlargement In Malaysia

Proven Methods Of Penis Enlargement In Malaysia


Imagine this; you’re browsing through Facebook or your favourite site, then you stumbled upon an ads of a ripped, 6-pax dude with a MONSTER cock, almost as big as your hands. 

Then you click on the ads and it tells you a story of how his cock was just as small as normal until he tried this massage oil / oral pill that helps to boost the size. 

And now, suffice to say that he’s walking with a third leg. 

You are directed to the buying page and purchased the product. And you tried it on yourself. A week later, no result, so you wait longer. 

Now it’s the 3rd month, and you’ve already finished 3 bottles of the products. And your cock remains the same size. 

Disappointing, is it?

Unfortunately, this is what happens to a lot of people.

Before we move on to our main topic, let’s further explore when is the best time to seek for penis enlargement treatment, especially in Malaysia.


Hormone treatment, penis enlargement surgery, and other penis treatment techniques can increase the size of a very small penis. However, these treatments carry risks, and majority of Malaysian do not have a small enough penis to warrant these options.

Many males worry about the size of their penis, and this can affect their self-confidence and self-image especially in Malaysia. Hence, motivation for seeking penis enlargement treatment often focuses on self-image, fears of inadequacy, a desire to impress others, and other psychosocial factors.

Penis Enlargement In Malaysia treatments

We highly suggest anyone with concerns about penis enlargement treatment or surgery should speak with a doctor or sexual health specialist, who can advise them about the correct penile enlargement surgery or treatment in Malaysia.

After deciding whether you need the penis enlargement treatment or surgery not, then it comes to the golden age question which is: 

Proven Methods Of Penis Enlargement In Malaysia enlargement treatment



First of all, let’s ask a few of the people who have already tried these pills. We went to our Facebook asking for people’s feedback with a promise that their identity will be hidden. Here’s what they said: 

“I tried the popular brand Vi*** , no result. I took 3 bottles, also no result in terms of the size. Only feel like can have longer sex la. But it may be placebo.”

Az****** , 34

“Doesn’t work! I tried the leech oil that Malay people say is very good. No result. Only my dick is getting oily only.”

Bra****, 29

“I got into a lot of trouble for trusting these products. I tried the Candy ** that my friend introduced me. After 4 pills, I got rushed into the hospital. I felt bloated and non-stop puking. My doctor said the pill damaged my kidney.”

Bah********, 49

Actually, there are NO scientific studies that show the gels, cream or pills work. They are full with flashy claims, testimonials etc but the actual reality is it simply doesn’t work. 



To get a REAL RESULT from penis enlargement, it is better to resort to MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

Reason being is that the doctors are trained to perform these procedures on people’s bodies. So it is safe, and you know the result is real.

There are few procedures that are known to improve the size of the penis. 



Silicone is a liquid polymer that is used in lubricants and building materials. Once upon a time, they were popularly used in cosmetics ALTHOUGH they are NOT FDA-approved due to the HIGH RISKS that they have. 

The injection of silicone into the skin can help in enlarging the areas such as chin, lips, or breast. However, there are some people who inject it into the penis.  

This is however HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED by health professionals. There are many side effects that can occur from this procedure, including apoptosis or cell death. It means parts of your penis can die and fall off. 

PROS: Cheap, accessible 
CONS: Dangerous, High risks, side effects 



Penis Enlargement IMPLANT 

Penile Implant is a procedure whereby a silicone-shape implant is being transplanted into the penile area to increase the penis size. The implants are made from the same materials that women transplanted into the breasts. 

Implant is a more safer option for penis enlargement compared to silicone injection. 

PROS: Effective, instant result, 1-time treatment
CONS: Highly expensive, rarely accessible, surgical, long healing time



Penis Enlargement Filler Injection 

There are non-surgical methods that can be done to improve penis size. This procedure is called penile filler. We are using Hyaluronic Acid fillers (FDA-Approved, top quality filler). These fillers are being injected into the shaft and the head of the penis to make it bigger. 

Most patients who had undergone this treatment reports increase in sex life. You may expect an increase of 20% bigger than the size of your normal penis. 

PROS: Effective, instant result, 1-time treatment, minimal downtime
CONS: Need maintenance 


So these are the 3 methods to increase girth size for those who are interested. Premier Clinic is only offering Penis Filler as it is highly effective and safe. 

If you are thinking to get your penis enlarged in a safe way, please do not shy away from contacting us at the number below. Our customer service representatives are available from 8 am to 12 midnight to answer your questions.

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